Great fight between those two boats all this tuscany week, master jedi onboard, fast regular, the top of catsailing world. Coolest Billy and Jé win the battle despite "little speed issue upwind", no kidding ? photo: Franck Tiffon

Misha (A Class World Champ)/Bastiaan are incredible sailors, foxxy Booth (Olympic medalist) and son write a so nice and performing family story, Vendée Globe heroe and (one of the) world best crew F17 Matthieu, are very good and professional, but not enough to beat Hugues Styles/ Richard Mason and Billy Besson / Jérémy Lagarrigue those guys are simply the stars of our sport .

Special notice to the 6th and first mixed : Moana Vaireaux and Manon Audinet, Moana find in Tuscany his better result on a F18 world ever I think, working hard in the french squad is a key andplease do notice also they were sailing not on a brand new boat. F18 level is for the moment above Olympic circus, people are older, more experience, and the boat need « muscle ». Bravo Manon Audinet.

Battle for start, very tough, lot of BFD, the moment for real and tough sailor, your not technical enough mean your race is almost finished. photo: Franck Tiffon

4 french in the top 10, 2 aussies, 1 brit, 1 « spanish », 1 italian, 1 ned. Obviously our  friends from Holland are very focus on Nacra 17. The F18 people are feeding the Olympic circus, the old nation are still strong, former Tornado people like the greek Iordanis Paschalidis (I’ll make a post about this great and nice people) and Gustaf Dyrssen who’s never come back to monohull (ha ha !) are in the top 12, people from Oman Al Hadi / Ashim are 15, that is amazing and they are the best from the « F18 new world », south american are in the top 20. That is a nice progress.

From USA Taylor/Whitehead are best Youth, Romain and Valentin Bellet did a great regatta and are the second Youth, Van Dijk/Kleisweg from holland third. Only 13 youth (< 23 years old) on this world, 7 youth french. Just a word about the silly idea of the french MNA to kill Hobie 16 series for the youth, especially when you consider that the top french sailors (except Gabart) are from this old boat but so good fleet.

This Italian F18 world Championship has been for the sailors one of the best ever.

About the boat, Olivier Bovyn can be happy, F18 concept works despite some blocks and floating daggerboard or 3 mm too long boat. Billy and Jérémie win the world on a boat just out of the box in Carnac… That is F18 spirit. This said the competition equity gain to have crystal clear procedure when making the 4 groups for qualifications. Be member of yellow and green group was 5 point a race « malus » so 30 point in total for qualification.The moment to introduce the concept of « Gentleman sailors » (specific podium for sailors from second half of national ranking list) thas has been created by the french F18 association since 2010.

The wall. Yves C. is not liking the over lay line, Master Yves is soooooo right, it is awful for sure . May be thats explain why brand new comer in F18, want to have faster boat, just to sail additionnal distance. I know that is not fair, sorry but I cannot help :-) . photo: "the" Franck

On shore pasta party was a very good moment, e-communication, video and big screen can be axes to improve the fest. On the water perfect wind condition and great people and friends from Follonica (I love Negrino ;-) ) make amazing races. Comité was good, important to notice, jury was fast but not furious, very good thing.

Battle for the downwind mark, here also the sail thickness does not matter (special dedicace), just good skill needed. photo: Franck Tiffon

all the results: classificheBACKUP2

The biggest F18 world ever with near 200 boats from more than 20 nations.

A crowded beach full up with F18 from all the world. 35° celsius, good wind between 15-18 knot, hot water, that’s F18 magic. Sharp team with tensions, club sailors on Tiger and Phantom, Youths ready to fight and beat the olders top sailors, olders ready to resist and have some beer time. The organisation is very good on shore, a program of  free wine testing is a great idea (only one glass, les gars).

Une plage pleine de F18 du monde entier. 35° du vent entre 15 et 18 knot, c’est la magie de la F18. Les équipes de pointe sous tension, des régatiers de club sur Tiger et Phantom, des jeunes prêt à manger des vieux qui sont eux prêt à résister et boire une bière. L’organisation est bonne à terre, dégustation de vin gratuite mais un seul verre les gars

Serious work from the measurement staff, no big deal, may be a pair of block, nothing essential F18 is under control, the spirit is to have close boat then sailors skills can make difference. photo Franck Tiffon

Most of the serious teams are sailing from 2 days ago, today it is practice race and serious things start tomorow. The first 6 races for qualifying series 4 group will race 2 times against each of the others group. Then the first half will sail il the gold fleet, the other half go to the silver series.

La plupart des équipes sérieuses naviguent depuis deux jours, aujourd’hui c’est la course d’entraînement, les choses sérieuses commencent demain. 6 premières courses de qualification, chacun des 4 groupes composés va affronter 2 fois les 3 autres. La première moitié du classement finir la semaine en flotte or, la seconde sera en flotte argent.

Some -happy- F18 french people from left to right: Fred Moreau, sail maker (All Purpose) , coach and F18 top sailor sails on Cirrus R with Manu Dodé (D18 world Champ), Orion Martin (HC16 européan Champion) sails with Charles Gates on Hobie WildCat, , Antoine Tiffon (or his twin brother ;-) ), 2 times Youth French Champ, sails in the youth (under 23) ShockWave Mk2 squad with Charlie Biardeau.

The argentinian are in force in Italy, almost (or more than) 10 boats, good thing to present their bid for the 2015 Formula 18 WorldChampionship in Buenos Aires. F18 is a story mostly written by french people  and sailors since 1994  and it is becoming now an international magic class: that’s great.

Les argentins sont venus en force en Italie, une dizaine d’équipages, bonne chose pour présenter leur candidature afin d’organiser le Championnat du Monde F18 à Buenos Aires en 2015. La F18 est une histoire ecrite principalement en France par des français depuis 1994, elle est en train de devenir une classe magique et internationale; c’est super.

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